Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah

Chino & Handy 2003

Note: In October 2010, as some of you may recall, my old email address was hijacked by Nigerians in London.  In the process of that I lost my entire contact list and have been slowly rebuilding it.  Some however, I do not have.  If you would like to be in contact with me, please send me your email address.

Christmas Season 2011:

The year passed quickly and seemed to be a tough one for many.  Here at the ranch, the Wallow Fire created serious problems but extraordinary friends from Phoenix, California, Yuma and Grants stood by to get horses moved and settled out of harm's way.  The environmental whackos have succeeded once again in destroying property and resources with their idiotic hands off of the forests approach.  The politicians and bureaucrats that are intimidated by the Occupy and spandex crowds need to be thrown out of office.

The disarray economically and politically is creating malaise and increasing anger in our public spheres.  Diversity is tearing this country apart.  For a nation to be strong, a homogenous population sharing a common language, values and religion - as in Judeo-Christian - is a prerequisite for stability.  We now are a massive welfare state where 47% do not pay any income tax and the rest of us support them.

Managed to get in several good rides during the late summer and autumn.  Postings will be forthcoming. 

Several very difficult forensic cases consumed my time throughout the year.  The broken system becomes ever more evident.  The maliciousness of prosecutors and the lack of separation between the investigative police units and prosecutors insures that unbiased and fair investigative techniques are a thing of the past.  I did participate in one "win" in federal court on a homicide up on the Hopi Reservation.  The investigative process of the FBI was substandard and cursory to say the least.  I did the shooting reconstruction and my belief was that the defendant should have walked away with time served.  But, the system demands its blood debt regardless of the circumstances.  The law has become so hyper-rationalized as Max Weber pointed out that the realities of human interaction and response are virtually ignored - unless one is a celebrity or a politician.  I worked with great attorneys this year and their efforts on behalf of the defendants have been remarkable.

Stormy & Handy 2007

I lost two wonderful horses this year.  First was Stormy,, in February and then in June, his longtime rangemate Handy had to be put down. 

Wishing all on this distribution a very blessed Christmas and the stamina to march forward into 2012. 

The results of the election next November are going to have profound effects upon America.  I am a registered Independent because I find both parties objectionable, but, if the current occupant of the Oval Office is reelected, America as our Founders envisioned will exist no more.  It does not now but it can still be fixed.  Do your duty and vote not on the campaign skills of the candidate but on their positions regarding those issues that determine our way of life. 

I vote on smaller government, lower taxes, illegal immigration, gun rights, and absolute protection of the natural rights given us by our Creator and embodied in the Bill of Rights.  I can tell all of you most assuredly that if this country does not turn around with this next election, the torch of freedom that burned so bright when I grew up and is now just a sickly flame will flicker into darkness and it will NEVER be lit again.  Generations that have come of age since the 1960s will not care because they will never miss freedoms they have never known.  So long as folks have professional sports, electronic toys and entitlements from the damn government, they will go along with anything.  A groping by a TSA welfare thug shows us that the terrorists have won but Americans are too complacent or stupid to realize it. 

They have been suckled at the tit of the nanny state where equality supercedes individual liberty, diversity is more important than a shared culture and values, deviant behavior is to be protected, Christianity is to be assaulted and destroyed, and government and those that work for it from the national to the local level will continue to invade our personal and public lives.  The state will tell us what sort of vehicle to drive, what we can say or not say on pain of arrest for offending someone, the lightbulbs we are permitted to buy, whether or not we can drink milk from our own cows; our education system will continue to support illegal immigrants over native born American citizens, our military will be prohibited from fighting wars and the blood of our young men and women will be spilt rather than spill the blood of "innocent" collaborators and supporters of our enemies.

Tighten your helmet straps folks because there are liable to be rounds downrange in our lifetime as the losers and takers continue to demand the redistribution of wealth from the successful and the producers. 

America is a crippled eagle, but she is still an eagle and can be restored to health but it will require good men to do bad things to those that wish to destroy her both from within and without.



Far Rider

In a time when honor holds no sway
There yet remains the code of yesterday

Courage, honor, duty and loyalty
The warriors code from antiquity

For those whose comfort is their only goal
They know not they sacrifice their soul

Who blithely trade their children’s liberty
For the false illusion of security

Chains of slavery shall be their lot
By only sacrifice and blood is freedom bought

When blood and fire consume the land
Hope’s only course is sword in hand

Men of steel that will not bend
Whose love of liberty is their end

When darkness threatens free mankind
Whom but these will stand to the line?

See to your weapons and stand to your horses,
Far Rider


Hopalong K. said...

Very well said. Unfortunately those that need to hear this type of message can't be reached. We are left to the ballot box and that can't be trusted anymore. The big money and the news media who conrtrol the information sources is normally the only way most citizens get there information which is biased. Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

Phoenix Capitalist said...

it seems like every time that I get complacent, I read something you wrote and it invigorates me again. Don't ever stop being you.